Back to the future: 2045 edition!

With ‘Back to the Future’ being a highlight of October 21st this month, I thought it might be interesting to bring up the future of pet ownership.

back to the future

The year is 2015. We still have pet shops inadvertently helping puppy farms by keeping up demand. So maybe Doc and Marty didn’t choose the best time to travel in to the future. But what about in another 30 years time? Where could we be then?

Imagine 2045. Humans split between life on earth and a colony on mars. Will we still have pets? I’d say so. The last 14,000 years or so we have sustained a relationship with our domestic companions so 30 years should be no different.

Maybe kids walk the family dog with a hoverboard in tow. Maybe our medical advances have also extended to the veterinary side. No more hip dysplasia, cataracts or cancer! Wouldn’t that be an achievement for our furry friends.

A future Australia might not need to euthanise shelter animals on a large scale. Shelters might be far emptier than they are in the present day. Although I don’t think we would ever have a utopian society so shelters being entirely empty is a bit of wishful thinking. But hey, one can hope!

If we keep campaigning and pushing our agenda into the spotlight, this future can one day be a reality.



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