But the pet shop has papers saying that the animal is from a reputable breeder!

Heartbreaking stories litter the online space about families who purchased a pet from a pet shop, only to have to either spend exorbitant amounts of money on medical treatment or euthanise them. These poor animals, who had no choice in the matter, are sick as a result of irresponsible breeding at puppy farms.

Take this example:   Pet industry peak body in turmoil after consumers misled about puppy farm

Despite being a supposed guaranteed retail store of the Pet Industry Association of Australia (PIAA), the pet store where this puppy was sold stated that they came from a reputable breeder. It was in fact found to be a puppy farm 4000km away in NSW.

This goes to show that although you may think that buying an animal from a pet shop is ok because they have the ‘proper forms’, they are also able to lie to make a profit.

It’s a horrendous trade that leads to the deaths of many innocent dogs and cats. The reason puppy farms still thrive in NSW is due to demand. If we can cut short this need for more and more puppies, we can stop cases like the above from happening.
This campaign is aiming to achieve this very important goal.



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